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Manufacturing process

 Large Cut: 

Cutting the suitable size of fabric is the very beginning process which is called “Large Cut”, sometimes call “First Cut.” Use of machine or hand-cutting to cut fabric in rectangle shape from pile of fabric. This process is the pre-stage for second cut.

 Small Cut: 

This process call “Small cut”, sometimes call “Second Cut”. The purpose is cut the fabric from rectangle shape into triangle shape. Use wood to make a triangle shape of flame as a mold. Place the mold on the rectangle fabric and hand-cutting the fabric in triangle shape. The triangle shape of fabric is call gores which is the panel of the umbrella.


In this case, we use silkscreen printing as an example (For detail, please go to “Printing Method” section). Place the gores on a long table. Then put the wooden flame on each gore and printing the graphic on the fabric.

 Canopy Assembly: 

After the printed gores are ready. The next process is canopy assembly. In normal umbrella, we sew 8 pieces of gores by sewing machine to make the canopy.

 Umbrella tips install: 

Tip is a pieces of metal or plastic stick at the end of each ribs to stable the canopy with the ribs. In this process, we use a special sewing machine to sew the tips on the fabric. The number of installed tips is same as number of ribs.

 Join the frame and canopy: 

The next process is sew the canopy with each ribs. This process can not use machine, it is totally hand-assembly.

 Handle install: 

There are several method to install the handle with the shaft such as screwed on, heat up shaft or glue to secure the handle.

 Quality checking: 

Quality Control is the most important area on each process. Therefore we appointed QC staff in each production line in each process. After all assemble and production process finished, all the umbrella will send to the quality control department to have the final quality checking process before packaging.


All umbrellas which passed the QC test will send to the packaging department to pack into the carton. Normally, there are 5 inner cartons in each outer carton. Each inner carton contains 60 pieces of umbrellas.

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