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Printing Method


A silk screen is a piece of mesh fabric held taut in a frame. Some of the holes in the fabric's mesh are "clogged up" to prevent ink from passing through. When the silk screen is placed against a fabric and ink is "squeegee" (Use a rubber blade to push the ink) across the screen surface, ink is deposited on the fabric wherever the screen wasn't "clogged". Silkscreen printing is the lowest in cost however it can only print in solid color. It can not print graphics like photo.

 Rotary printing: 

Rotary screen printing is so named because it uses a cylindrical screen that rotates in a fixed position. Rotary presses place the squeegee within the screen. These machines are designed for roll-to-roll (web) printing on flexible materials ranging from narrow web films to wide-format roll textiles.

In rotary printing, the web travels at a consistent speed between the screen and a steel or rubber impression roller immediately below the screen. The squeegee on a rotary press is in a fixed position with its edge making contact with the inside surface of the screen precisely at the point where the screen, substrate, and impression roller come together (Figure 1). Ink is automatically fed into the center of the screen and collects in a wedge-shaped "well" formed by the leading side of the squeegee and the screen's interior surface. The motion of the screen causes this bead of ink to roll, which forces ink into stencil openings, essentially flooding the screen without requiring a floodbar. The squeegee then shears the ink as the stencil and substrate come into contact, allowing the ink to transfer cleanly to the material.

 Heat transfer printing: 

Heat Transfer Printing is a technique to transfer a thin offset/silk screen printing plastic foil onto the surface of fabric by heat. The advantage of Heat Transfer Printing are durable, no limitation of the use of colors, the edge of the printing will be very sharp and solid, the color will be very solid and bright, the final printing quality is very high.

Offset printing:

Offset printing employees the four-color process also known as CMYK for the four colors it uses, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These are the four colors, which are used to create a wide spectrum of colors, giving life to the fabric.

 Laser Engraving: 

Laser Engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave or mark the "laserable" materials such as metal, copper or aluminum etc. The technique can be very technical and complex, and often a computer system is used to drive the movements of the laser head. The laser is like a pencil - the beam emitted from laser engraving machine, it can make a clean and very precise engrave patterns onto the surface.

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